BTSF Trainings | BTSF Foodborne outbreaks
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BTSF Foodborne outbreak management

The project is being carried out by  OPERA Srl.

The purpose of the project is to provide EU Member States and non-EU countries with technical training on preparedness and management of food-borne outbreaks.

The training programme includes 10 workshops  addressed to participants from Competent Authorities from EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA and EEAS countries and potential candidate countries.

Main topics to be addressed in the workshops, as clearly outlined in the TS, are:

  • Outbreak/crisis preparedness and investigation: organisation of intersectoral preparedness exercises, development of outbreak management plan and crisis networks, setting up tracing investigation in practice;
  • Organisation of rapid outbreak assessment;
  • Outbreak and crisis management: standard operational procedures, use of EWRS, EPIS and RASFF and similar alert and reporting systems at national level, coordination, contingency plans;
  • Elements of food- and waterborne disease (FWD) outbreaks: epidemiology, case definition, microbiology and food safety aspects;
  • Practical application of analytical epidemiological methods and other tools for food-borne investigation: surveillance systems, tracing back and forward investigations, cohort studies, case-control studies, role of molecular typing;
  • Crisis communication, including communication during the uncertainty phase of an event and to major trade partners;
  • The organisation of simulation exercises, including a complex tracing investigation of food and feed multinational incidents.


Target participants

The workshop is intended for staff of competent authorities of the Member States and non-EU countries coming both from the public health and food safety area.

To facilitate the multidisciplinary collaboration, the Contractor will invite on each session a team of two participants coming from the public health authorities and the veterinary/food safety authorities of the same invited country.




The BTSF programme is based on the “train the trainers” approach, and for this reason dissemination of the received knowledge is fundamental for the trainings to have a greater impact.


Participants will be requested to commit themselves to disseminate the information received via different methods, i.e. informing colleagues about the information received at the training, distributing the training materials, preparing informative articles in the professional national or, if possible, in international journals, preparing presentations based on the training materials for the staff of national Competent Authorities or other disseminating methods which could be appropriate to share the information received via the BTSF training. During the course participants will be provided with a training package to be used as supporting dissemination material.

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Project no. 2016 96 09: Organisation and implementation of training activities on preparedness and management of food-borne outbreaks in the EU under the “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative


Phase 2 – Calendar of training sessions

Details concerning all missing sessions, postponed due to COVID-19 emergency, will be announced in due time

1 Session 1 From 03/12/2019 to 06/12/2019 Barcelona – Spain
2 Session 2 From 03/03/2020 to 06/03/2020 Voorshoten – Netherlands
3 Session 3 to be announced to be announced
4 Session 4 to be announced to be announced
5 Session 5 to be announced to be announced
6 Session 6 to be announced to be announced
7 Session 7 to be announced to be announced
8 Session 8 to be announced to be announced
9 Session 9 to be announced to be announced
10 Session 10 to be announced to be announced

Phase 1 – Calendar of training sessions

1 Session 1 From 30/01/2018 to 02/02/2018 Barcelona – Spain
2 Session 2 From 05/03/2018 to 08/03/2018 Bologna – Italy
3 Session 3 From 17/04/2018 to 20/04/2018 Riga – Latvia
4 Session 4 From 19/06/2018 to 22/06/2018 Voorschoten – Netherlands
5 Session 5 From 11/09/2018 to 14/09/2018 Voorschoten – Netherlands
6 Session 6 From 20/11/2018 to 23/11/2018 Barcelona – Spain
7 Session 7 From 15/01/2019 to 18/01/2019 Barcelona – Spain
8 Session  8 From 05/03/2019 to 08/03/2019 Bologna  – Italy
9 Session 9 From 07/05/2019 to 10/05/2019 Riga – Latvia
10 Session 10 From 18/06/2019 to 21/06/2019 Riga – Latvia