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BTSF Workshop Asunción

[box] EVENT DETAIL[/box]

Date: 18-21 March 2014

Location: Asunción – PARAGUAY



The workshop will be used to exchange information on international best practice concerning trade in animals and products of animal origin. Particular attention will be given to the measures in act across the region to maintain foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) freedom and to secure continued access to the EU market for products of animal origin derived from susceptible species (particularly beef).



The workshop is designed to demonstrate to participants how the SPS standards enshrined in the EU animal health strategy and legislative framework may be applied effectively to manage the risks presented by the continuing ASF epizootic thereby protecting domestic food supply chains and promoting international trade. Participants will be encouraged to assess their own disease surveillance and control systems with a view to developing action plans for progressive improvement of the SPS frameworks in their countries. They will be informed about the proposed STM programme, which complements the training provided during the workshop.

The topics to be discussed during the workshop include:

–       SPS principles and regional SPS bodies

–       EU legislative framework, particularly as it applies to FMD control;

–       Current global FMD situation;

–       Best practice regarding detection, diagnosis and control of FMD in domestic and wild animals

–       Biosecurity (on farms, slaughter premises, collection points and during transport)

–       International networks and cooperation

–       Laboratory networks

–       Contingency planning

–       Certification and good governance of veterinary services

–       Field exercise

–       National risk assessment and progress towards effective controls.


Download Programme

Please download here the agenda of the workshop.




Registration is closed for this event. 58 participants have been selected and they come from the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.



Participant selection

The workshop is principally directed towards veterinary personnel responsible for making strategic and operational decisions on measures to control the disease. For this reason, 7 supported participants will be invited from each participating country (13 from the host country, Paraguay). This will enable each country to send participants from each part of the veterinary surveillance and control network, including:

–       Policy-makers;

–       Operational managers at national/regional level;

–       Veterinary laboratory experts;

–       Epidemiologists.

The workshop will be conducted in English and Spanish throughout. Interpretation services will be provided from English into Spanish and vice-versa.


 Travel arrangements

The event organiser will make all necessary arrangements for flight-transfers (in economy class) or train/bus-transfers (in first class), as appropriate, including transfers to/from the airport and bus/rail stations, from the capital city of the Member State to and from Asuncion.


Accommodation, venue facilities and travel arrangements.

The workshop will be held in the Hotel Excelsior Asuncion. Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the hotel will be offered to participants. The organisers have arranged a shuttle service to/from airport and refreshments (coffee, tea, juices, biscuits and fruits) will be available during the breaks.for the field visits and social events that have been planned.

Access to the internet is provided in the conference rooms and throughout the hotel. A photocopy machine, telephone and fax facilities are also at the disposal of participants. Refreshments (coffee, tea, juices, biscuits and fruits) will be available during the breaks.

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