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BTSF Workshop Uberlandia

[box] EVENT DETAIL[/box]

Date: 18-21 November 2014

Location: Uberlandia – BRAZIL



The workshop is intended to provide effective tools to trainees, enabling them to:

–           Promote good animal health and welfare practices, which address SPS requirements and support sustainability of domestic production;

–           Ensure that animal health policies are designed and implemented taking account of the economic contribution made by different production sectors, including large intensive enterprises, family farms and small holdings;

–           Raise awareness of the ethical, production and trade benefits achieved through the adoption of EU and international animal welfare standards.



The topics to be discussed during the workshop include:

–          EU legislation on Animal Welfare

–          General introduction to AW indicators

–          Role of international organisations on AW

–          Transport issues – AW from unloading to slaughter

–          Stunning methods

–          Slaughter without stunning

–          Practical training through field simulation exercises

–          Export certification for the EU market

–          Lessons learned and future improvements

–          Conclusions and debriefing


Download programme 


Please download here the agenda of the workshop.




Registration is closed for this event. 57 participants have been selected and they come from the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.


Partipant selection

The workshop is principally directed towards veterinary personnel responsible for making strategic and operational decisions. For this reason, 6 supported participants will be invited from each participating country (22 from the host country, Brazil). This will enable each country to send participants from each part of the veterinary surveillance and control network, including:

–  Government officials at central or local level

–  Experience in animal welfare

–  Decision making level

–  Active player in definition of animal welfare policies

–  Experience in enforcement of animal welfare standards at field level

Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish will be available throughout the workshop.


Travel arrangements

The event organiser will make all necessary arrangements for flight-transfers (in economy class) or train/bus-transfers (in first class), as appropriate, including transfers to/from the airport and bus/rail stations, from the capital city of the Member State to and from Uberlandia.


Accommodation, venue facilities and travel arrangements.

The workshop will be held in the Hotel San Diego. Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the hotel will be offered to participants. The organisers have arranged a shuttle service to/from airport and refreshments (coffee, tea, juices, biscuits and fruits) will be available during the breaks.for the field visits and social events that have been planned.

Access to the internet is provided in the conference rooms and throughout the hotel. A photocopy machine, telephone and fax facilities are also at the disposal of participants. Refreshments (coffee, tea, juices, biscuits and fruits) will be available during the breaks.



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