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Sustained Training and Technical Assistance Missions (STMs)

STMs represent an innovative tool, made available under the BTSF initiative, to provide technical assistance that is tailored to the needs of individual Member States.

Within the EU-SPS programme, STMs will be used to support the competent authorities in selected Member States, at local and regional level, to develop action plans in response to Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) recommendations and to strengthen the information tools, documented control procedures and verification mechanisms needed to comply with the requirements of EU food and feed law, animal health and animal welfare rules, as well as plant health legislation.

STMs may be requested by interested Member States or may be offered by the Commission Services to address specific issues identified by the FVO.

The EU-SPS programme will include STMs in 8-9 different Member States during 2013-2015, the first of which is scheduled for December 2013.


First STM held in Italy

In December 2013 the first STM was held in Italy. The missione focused on animal welfare and included meetings with the Central Competent Authority and a field visit. The mission will also provide for drafting of guidelines for use by official veterinarians and by producers.

IMG_0669  IMG_0666  IMG_0659 IMG_0647




A follow-up STM is planned that will provide for specifically focused training.

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